Background Battery Usage

Hi All,

I have a Galaxy S21 Ultra and I am absolutely thrilled with it (coming from Pixel 4) however I am having problems with background Battery Usage.

I have triple checked that "allow background data usage" and "allow background activity" are disabled in the specific app permissions however some apps are still reporting that they are active for hours in the background.

The worst offender is my browser, I have tried both Chrome and Brave, and it typically ends up being 20-30% of my battery usage despite almost never using them.

The second worst offender is Outlook (I need it for work unfortunately), which reports 3-4 hours of background usage per charge despite all background activity disabled including notifications.

Finally there is TikTok, again with all background activity disabled it reports over an hour of background usage with 10-20% battery usage per charge.

My overall battery life is OK, but I am a light user and can’t help but wonder if it could be much better if the background restrictions were working as they should. I suppose it’s possible the battery reporting is incorrect, but that’s all I have to go on. The only other thing I can think of is the Android system is using my browser for lots of other stuff that I am not aware of, but that still doesn’t explain the other apps.

Is there something I’m missing? I’m hoping it’s just something silly. I’ve had the phone for nearly a month and it’s gone though several charge cycles. Thanks in advance.

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