BASIC (7″) tablet?

I’m not a gamer or video watcher. I have had a Nexus 7 (2012!) and Kindle Fire 7. The thing that drives me batty is the SLOW start up time. I can’t imagine that a phone user would tolerate a 30 to 90 second start up to use that device. So it has to be a matter of internal chip sets/ram etc.. But it seems that there is no middle ground between cheap tablets which are meant more for kids and smart phones which do ‘everything’.

What i am looking for are suggestions/hints at what would be 1) useful for me & 2) not priced for EVERY use.

Further Insights – the Kindle Fire worked OK, but was a hassle to get the ONE app that I needed via Google Play Store. It has been suggested to me to re boot the Kindle to original set up, but frankly I could very well do without the Amazon bizillion apps that will NOT uninstall and I never use either. Besides if I do go back to the original OS, the minute it is updated (like immediately), its back to slower than molasses.

Thanks for your patience while I grind my teeth over this head scratch-er.
OK all you Android geeks, what is a BASIC user to get to replace the Kindle. (and under $200 PLEASE).

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