Battery Charging Habits

Is there a charging habit that’s better than another for the battery? Do you charge overnight, or do you top up throughout the day?

I’m one of those that continually tops up throughout the day. I have a Pixel Stand. (2nd generation is on order) I work from home and my Pixel Stand sits on my desk just to the right of my computer. Whenever I use my phone, it goes right back on the Pixel Stand. During the Market Day my Pixel 6 Pro continually runs Interactive Brokers Trader Workstation, displaying my current trade(s). Sometimes it’s running Davis Weather Link to show the current live data from my Personal Weather Station. It’s always a second screen sitting beside my computer giving me some useful information. And of course, it’s always continually topping up to 100%.

In short, the only time my P6Pro would ever drop below 50% battery would be if I were away from home for the day. That might occur only a few times in a week.

I’ve often wondered if my phone charging and usage habits are beneficial or detrimental to my Phone. What are your thoughts and experience?

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