Be careful, V20 is not waterproof

LG V20
I was talking to someone in the shower, while on speaker and a bit of water got on the screen. Not a direct hit but just some drops that are unavoidable. Apparently enough to get inside and they forced the phone into headphones mode. I had to dry the water out of the headphone jack. When I blew air into it, some water came out from under the screen.
So I don’t know if my phone lost some insulation abilities due to being dropped, or it’s an inherent thing. Not only is it not waterproof, it’s not even splash proof and does not appear to tolerate water well at all in any quantity.

i am getting a new V20 and will compare the two and see if I encounter the same issue with the new one.

It got stuck in the headphone mode many a time.

I also had a lot of issues with _super_ slow charging. I cleaned out the headphone jack and the charging port with some electrical contacts cleaner. it seemed to return to normal.


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