Best Buy

I just went into my local Best Buy to check out the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro. They only had the 6 on display. My initial impression is that the screen was very dim on it even with the brightness cranked all the way up. Very disappointing in my opinion.

I also checked out the Tab S7 which I’m almost certain I’m going to get myself for Christmas as it’s right in my price range and I have the S21 Ultra. Compared to the Tab S6 lite, it was night and day.

But my initial reaction to the 6 was not very good. I remember going there and looking at the Pixel 5 and being tempted by it. That screen looked way better than the 6 imo. I really wish they’d had the 6 pro to compare them side by side. I know the screen on it gets brighter, although not as much as my Ultra.

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