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Im looking to buy a new MetroPcs phone as my current one (LG K20 Plus) is having problems with call volume headphone jack problems and only works with certian chargers recently which is starting to worry me that its going to stop charging. The phone has done me solid but i think its time to get a new one. Does anyone have any recommendations ? Have you bought one in particular that was really good or on the other end really bad ? Recommendations on unlocked phones maybe? Im not rich and do have a pretty limited budget but am the type of person that keeps a phone for years (i take very good care of my phones i still have my blackberry in working condition…even the roller ball lol) and am willing to hold off on a purchace to save up 100-250 more. On the same note id really like to keep it under 250-300 as i am a mechanic and do construction on the side so a freak accident is possible. Aka crunch snap crackle phone is burning on floor lol. Any advice is appreciated. Sorry for the long winded post but i wanted to cover a few things right away. Im in central VA aswell incase phone selection is different in different areas. Thanks in advance for your time and effort! Hope everyone is doing well and being safe in these tough times. ✌


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