Best phones/SoC for spotty rural areas?

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I live in an area on the fringe of coverage from any provider. I am now on my third month with my third carrier 🙂 I get dropped calls regularly in and outside the house, even in spots with 3 bars, 103-106 dbm. Data is also poor, particularly upload and keeping a steady signal. When using zoom on the phone I will be kicked out sometimes 5+ times in an hour, with my video off and others videos minimized. Similar if I am tethering.

Right now I have a Moto G7 Play on ATT, which has the strongest signal, but also changes bands regularly and can be strong signal and then all of a sudden weak. My partner has an Iphone 8 on Sprint, which is a bit more steady – no dropped calls, better down and up data, videoconferencing generally works fine even tethered. I was on sprint 3 months ago and did not have the same experience.

I’m wondering if anyone has experience upgrading/switching phones and having a stronger and steadier signal? Any data or studies anyone knows of? I am thinking of springing for a newer phone with newer SoC and modem in the hopes that it may solve my troubles. Thinking about refurbed S10e or pixel 4 for snapdragon 855.



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