best video settings for Tivo Stream 4K on an RCA 4k tv?

so…just inherited the family rca 4K tv as part of my move to a new residence(we all moved out at the same time) and I decided to fap around with google play movies and tv, then amazon prime video and lastly apple tv.

I tested with ironman 1(4k uhd) and battleship(upgraded to 4k on google play movies and tv)
now, it looks nice, sharp, crisp…like I’m watching a 1080p hd movie.

so I went into the video settings and set it all the way to the top, which is 3840×2160 and the refresh is 30(I think) on the tivo.

so..what am I doing wrong? cause I was under the impression things should look ALOT nicer in 4k, I mean I’m not expecting apple box like looks but…its a tad bit of a let down.

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