Best Way to Destroy a Tablet?

I bought a Nexus 9 and thought it was a great tablet, but stopped using it after Google started releasing their Pixel XL line of phones. Now I alternate between my phone and desktop/laptop computers and will probably never buy a basic tablet again.

I kept it plugged in and would use it occasionally for media consumption. Then the battery began to swell, but it wasn’t bad and the device still worked. However, now it won’t power on and the casing is separating. I unplugged it and made sure it was powered off.

What is the best way to ensure that any data that remains on the internal storage is destroyed? The casing is separated enough that it would be easy to let it soak in water/vinegar. Would this do the trick?

Second question, I have accounts for various services with Verizon/AT&T/Tmobile. Will most of their corporate stores recycle e-waste for free or with a minimal charge?

The tablet is garbage, but I’d rather not toss it in a dumpster. I also have some 3G only devices from 8-10 years ago that can no longer be activated and would not even be practical to use as a wifi only device. It would be nice to recycle them as well, at little to no cost.

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