Big confusion about the languages spoken by assistant in AA. Please help!

Hello everyone. I am so confused about this, i realy cant find any explanation nor solution. My native language is Czech, which is not supported by Google assistant. Although, yestreday, just out of the blue, i tried "OK google" with czech language request in AA and supripse!!! It was actualy talking back in czech language!!! It worked flawlessly, i was waiting soooo looong for this… BUT…. When i stopped the car and tried it again later, without changing anything in setting, it is only talking english now again. I have no explanation. Actualy, i found a recommendation by some guy to log out of Google and use it without login. Whenever i do this, its talking czech. While driving, i just log in back to google and it immediately starts talking english… I absolutely do not understand it. Can anyone help me set this up in a way that i am connected to google and it speaks czech at the same time? THANKS!!!!!!!!! 🙂

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