Black screen issue

I flashed Nusantara project 2.6(android 11) on my Redmi Note 5 pro along with Nikgapps. Everything was working fine on booting but I didn’t like the launcher. I saw that Nikgapps had an addon package for pixel launcher and thought I’ll install that. So I booted into my recovery and flashed that and rebooted into my system. On booting, I get the boot animation
which gets completed and the phone boots but instead of the lock screen, i only see a black screen. On holding the power button I see three options: power off, reboot and emergency call.
So i thought maybe the launcher was not compatible and that reflashing the rom would fix it. But I’m not able to boot into my recovery with any key combo. I’m also not able to boot into fast-boot either. So I can’t even use the Miflash tool to flash a fast-boot MIUI rom.
When booted into the black screen, Miflash does detect my device when i connect it but when I flash a fast-boot rom, nothing happens. It says flashing for an extremely long time and my phone is still in the black screen itself
Let me know if you have any ideas which I can try to fix this

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