Blue Light Filter-Eye Care


Do you feel tired cause of using your cell phone? With Blue Light filter, you can fight insomnia and improve your sleep quality without any negative effects, you can sleep well by dimming your screen and filter blue light that cause harm to your eyes.
Blue Light Filter Eye Protector Main features : 🌀⬇️

Yellow filter
Tired of common gray color in your phone screen now you can customize overlay color to yellow color to rest your eyes and dim your screen.

Work Automatically
Blue light filter work in background when brightness changed help you to fit screen light to best grade to protect your eyes.

Schedule light filter
Automatically switch to day/night shift mode, choose start and end time e that dimly light your screen to take care of your health.

Dark Theme
Most of the battery problems due to high brightness of your screen with blue light filter you can dim your screen to save your battery health.

⭕ Blue light may also damage your retinas. That’s called phototoxicity. The amount of damage depends on wavelength and exposure time,In mean time we provide Blue light filter to protect your eyes&retinas.

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