Bluetooth Audio issue on Moto G Power (Android 10) in my 2020 Mazda CX5

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In the BT settings when I enable the option ‘Media audio’ on my phone while connected to my car I lose sounds on my phone. Even speaking ‘OK Google’ no longer will produce any audio sounds. Google Maps voice navigation is mute as a result also. I don’t get audio via my car speakers. In order to get audio I have to disable ‘Media audio’ and insure ‘Phone calls’ is enabled. Doing so will then turn on audio on my phone. It is my understanding the the ‘Media auto’ option enabled would route the audio from Google Assistant for example through my car speakers.

I’ve always had Mazda’s with a variety of phones and my problem has always happened as I stated. Perhaps I am not understanding what ‘Media audio’ is supposed to do. Is it supposed to allow audio from things like speaking ‘OK Google’ to come through my car speakers or not? If yes then any ideas how to get things working properly. I guess my problem could be a Mazda issue.



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