Bluetooth connection issues

Samsung Galaxy Watch
So I have a galaxy watch and the Buds live. I wanted to go for a walk and leave my phone at home and stream spotify to my Buds though. Y watch. They connect fine and sound great as long as I keep my wrist and the watch right by my ear. The minute I drop my arm below my waist it’s pretty much useless it’s just static. I had the bud+ at first and thought they were the issue because I connected my watch to a pair of LG headsets I had and didn’t have any issues except they just don’t get loud enough. So I got the buds live and I’m having the exact same issue. So I paired my buds to my apple watch and it works fine but now I can’t get any calls are messages because my main number is synced with my Galaxy watch. How can 2 samsung products not work well with each other but other manufacturers do?


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