Boomer phone

I read thru a lot of replies in here and I find them interesting on topics such as battery life and too much trouble to flip open to do what is needed with the new ZFlip 3.

It reminds me of when I was at the Best Buy counter ordering my Flip and two young men in their 20s were salivating over the Fold3 beside me. They were saying things like ‘look at the hues and tones of this color and the saturations of this and that’. And I’m over here like…’look, mine folds in half and you don’t even know it’s there’.

They had no problems lugging that behemoth of a phone around because they got wood over the colors and hues and saturations.

And one of my younger coworkers laughed and called me a ‘boomer’ when I flipped mine shut in the lounge and put it in my pocket as she social media’d on her big ole iPhone 237, or whatever the current version is.

In my 30’s I’d built computers. For fun. Neon fans and light bars and all that. But now, I’m like ‘this desktop works. I’ll take it’.

So typically, as we age, we adjust our lifestyles to a simpler life. Less maintenance, etc. We step over some things that once might have been up on our priority list and just move on ahead. It’s normal progress. We should stay active, and personally, I do.
But at the same time, we learn the value of ‘pick your battles’.

I said all of this to say that I’m finding it interesting to read how some things are vital to someone’s cellphone life, like battery life and not wanting to flip open a phone that was designed to ..flip open. And actually, although it might not make sense to me, it’s still really cool that some people want their cellphones to perform to certain standards.

Ima put my new flip in my pocket. If it vibrates or beeps or farts, I’ll take it out and look on the screen. If it’s important, I’ll flip it open and reply. If it’s not I’ll scroll right and skip to the next song on my Amazon ‘best gym tunz’ and keep on with my workout. I’ll make several texts a day. I’ll google just which is the best Polaroid camera with instant pictures printed out for my granddaughter’s birthday party in the year 2021. I’ll map the distance from home to the next vacation spot and tell it to start the route. I’ll add ‘Kobalt battery powered shop vac’ to my gift list I keep so my kids don’t have to struggle to find things for me on my birthday or Christmas. I’ll reorder my favorite Starbucks from Amazon. I move money, check the family calendar, turn on the Alexas and control the pool lights in the back yard. I’ll watch the trailer for the upcoming Matrix..several times.

If not used, it folds up and goes completely unnoticed in my pants pocket.
I no longer HAVE to give it attention and move it around because it scrunches up in my pants pocket and reminds me that it needs tending to.

And when it runs low, I’ll put my phone on a charger somewhere. If for some reason it runs down and shuts off then I’ll put it on a charger when I get to one.

After all, as a boomer, I remember the freedom to not be connected, and thereby not be responsible,
every second of my life. And nobody died because they couldn’t find me.

Just some thoughts on how the simplicity of this phone is fitting in my life nicely..
as a boomer.

Oh, and also, occasionally,
I’ll make a real phone call to see how my friend Ronnie is doing.

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