Boot custom ROM – Android


How can i boot up custom ROM Android like (LineageOS) ?
Do i need to have change something inside boot.img / or something command?

Phone (Umidigi Power)
Android 9
Unlocked bootloader,
fastboot –disable-verity –disable-verification flash vbmeta vbmeta.img

What i want is:
1. I want a Custom OS like (LineageOS)
2. Install another ROM or fix the stock ROM

What i found out.
1. After flash a system i got bootloop, see umdiigi power boot logo and reboot
2. Stock ROM / deos not work anymore before i get black screen
3. use alot of commands and nothing working
4. try to install system from TWRP but bootloop

Questions is (I think):
How i can fix it or install custom OS

Can you help me?

Thanks for your time

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