Bought a tablet can’t get past opening screen

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If you if anybody knows what Yes I recently bought a RCA Voyager 3 7-in tablet from a known and local reputable resale shop I had the serial number and something called a d i s a however once I charged it and turned it on it doesn’t go to a setup screen it goes to an activation screen and I’m supposed to enter in some number or something well I’ve entered in everything that I have and it doesn’t say anything there’s a phone number to call but when you call the number it hooks you up to a phone chat line there’s a website to go to but when you type the website in you go to a same thing that the websites for sale I’ve tried to contact RCA but they’re basically defunct and sold out that division to AudioBox I call audiovox and they say that they don’t have any information on the old product so what do I do supposed to do or how I’m supposed to do it it’d be greatly appreciated if somebody could point me in the right direction


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