Bought S21+. Why have a big screen if half of it goes to waste?

I bought an S21+, previously had a Pixel 3, iPhone before that. (referring to daily drivers only)

I’ve been in both ecosystems with secondary devices, and I’ve had a Samsung before so I anticipated this. I’m relatively capable so I knew I could replace most of Samsung’s apps with ones that make use of the entire screen. Scrolling is an extra step I’d like to avoid.

What I didn’t anticipate was the Google Messages app being Samsungized.

Is there a setting somewhere to force apps to launch the way I feel they should (see photos) as opposed to wasting half the screen?

I consider myself relatively knowledgeable, and my family calls me "Tech Support", so I’m absolutely ashamed I don’t know the answer and have been unable to find the answer. For the first time in my life, a piece of technology has stumped me. I’m 21, I’m too young to be stumped by technology!! Lol. If anyone has a solution to my problem — the tech one, not the existential crisis — please let me know!! Thanks in advance

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