and 2FA headache

This isn’t crucial to me, but just very annoying — I’m having a lot of trouble logging into my personal Box account because the 2FA I used through Google Authenticator was lost when my Pixel 3 XL died. The only way to transfer Google Authenticator accounts requires the old phone to be functional. Now Box won’t let me log into my account because it absolutely requires 2FA, with no other option (like sending an authentication code to an email). Their support site is screwy, saying that for optimal help, I need to sign in first — but I can’t because they require 2FA which I can’t access. There was an option in the help site to type in my phone number so that they would supposedly send an SMS with a code, but it doesn’t send the SMS. So I had to send a request while not signed in, which they warn can take longer. Stupid.😒

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