Brand loyalty among Google Pixel users has dropped 18.8% from 84% in 2019 to 65.2% in 2021


"GOOGLE USERS We asked Google users whether they intend to stay with their current brand or switch to a different one the next time they upgrade, and we found out that:

65.2% of current Google Pixel users intend to stick with the brand the next time they upgrade, which is down 18.8% from 84% in the 2019 survey
But 34.8% said they plan to switch to a different brand"

Not surprised. The Pixel line has no direction and the competition just zooms past it with Google seemingly living in a bubble and not understanding that there are excellent products out on the market at better prices.

The Pixel phones don’t sell well at all, and with brand loyalty dropping, they’re going to sell even worse.

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