Brand New Phone only charges to 99% (Doro 8050)

I’ve just bought my elderly mother a replacement Doro smartphone (Doro specialise in phones for seniors etc – example: mother finds these Doro phones much easier to use than her iPad, both physically and mentally).

Problem is, I’ve followed the setup instructions exactly, but the battery on this brand new phone never charges above 99%.

My questions are:

** Is this an indicator that there is a fault with the phone?

** Is this merely cosmetic (eg battery percentages can be fairly arbitrary)?

** Is there some form of battery reset app that can fix whatever fault this is with the battery?

** Is there some form of battery reset app that can fix the stats/algorithm that denotes what battery percentage is displayed?

Why do I care?

** Because after years of convincing my elderly mother to get a mobile phone (as she lives in the middle of nowhere and drives a lot on her own) I then had to spend a long time convincing her to keep the phone charged up (and switched on)!

** Part of the ‘charging up’ education was about ensuring that the battery shows as 100% charged before she goes out (otherwise she would go out with the battery showing a 4% charge or something similarly stupid).

** Mother is now at an age where she gets more and more confused (especially about technical stuff, or in her own words ‘the work of the devil’) so I would prefer it if she can have a phone that just shows ‘100%’ when the battery is fully charged – otherwise it will just cause her a lot of grief (and consequently a lot of grief for my sister and I!).

Sorry to write ‘war & peace’ about this, just hoping that someone has some quick and easy answers.

FYI I’ve built 7 or 8 Doro Smartphones now (not just for my mother but for other seniors too) and they are all getting used, and the users have all found them easy to use (note: someone else has to do the setup in the first place). I strongly recommend Doro phones for both senior-usability as well as the Emergency Button on the back.

Many thanks in advance,


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