Broken screen – Will a HDMI adaptor help me to see my phone on the telly to unlock it?

Hi everyone,
I tragically shut my car boot door on my Samsung Galaxy A50 and completely smashed the screen. The screen is completely black but the touch function still works as I was able to snooze my alarm every morning before it finally lost battery.

Unfortunately my phone didn’t sync all of my images to my new phone, so I’ve lost a lot. I’ve tried plugging it into my laptop, but I need to unlock the screen to access any files. If I purchased a HDMI adaptor for my phone and plugged it into my telly, would I be able to see my phone screen on my telly and use the telly screen to see where I’m tapping on my phone to unlock it?

– In case anyone suggests it, I know you can unlock it via google and Samsung find my device website, however, when I got my new phone I stupidly had to change the passwords as I couldn’t remember them, so it’s now kicked my old phone out.

Any help would be appreciated.

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