Broken Surface Duo and Disappointed with Microsoft Response

Like most people here I was excited to receive my Surface Duo about 6 months ago when it was first launched.

However the other week the main camera screen started flashing as if some internal cable wasnt connected corectly.

It soon went into red blur extending from the hinge area which made reading the screen unusable, the screen is fairly distorted but no issues on the other screen.

I sent the phone back as it was still under warranty and now received the following response:

"After careful inspection, we found damage that is not covered under the Standard Limited Warranty. Therefore, we will return your device or accessory to you soon without service—in the same condition you sent it to us.

Here are examples of damage that are not covered under the Standard Limited Warranty:
• Damage from an external cause or not following Microsoft’s instructions
o Accidentally dropping your device or accessory
o Using your device with inadequate ventilation
• Your device or accessory is missing parts
• Major scratches, dents, or cracks not resulting from normal use
• Serial number (or IMEI number used to identify your device on mobile networks) removed or altered"

This is just bull****, the phone was not dropped and what the hell is inadequate ventilation !!!

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