Buy S20 FE 5G now? Or wait until S21 FE?

So I currently have a Nokia 7 Plus, which is really slowing down and not doing it for me anymore.
My birthday is in ~20 days, and I was going to ask for the S20 FE 5G. Through various deals, I can bring the cost of the phone down to $750 (MSRP of the Samsung A52 5G).

However, I saw yesterday that leaks of the S21 FE came out, but there was no clear cut release date. Sounded like it could range from July (close), to September (far). And it would probably cost the same as the S20 FE 5G.

I was just wondering what people here think I should do! I don’t want to buy a phone and for it to be super outdated in 2 months!

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