Bypass massage pop up when connecting xbox elite series 2 to my note 20 ultra

My Xbox Elite Series 2 controller was comparable with my Note 20 ultra, and I could play games like Terraria and enjoy them. Now everytime I connect the two through Bluetooth, a message pops up saying bypass ands stayed there for awhile before going away. No luck with the controller working with the games I play. Now shortly after the bypass message, another one pops up saying the Bluetooth connection between the two has ended and it still doesn’t work when I try to play. My controller is up to date, unless and update slipped in within the last 3 hours. No matter if I restart one, or both items, if I disconnect and reconnect, if I unpair the two then repair, or some mixture of the previous actions to see if anything will work doesn’t have any positive outcome for what I am trying to do. Does anyone know why, or have a way to get it working in some way I have missed among the numerous ways I have tried over and over again, or in the pieces of information and sure fire ways I have found digging through the internet to at least find some closure on this headache causing technological fiasco that I have unhappily stumbled upon?

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