Call recording with S20 FE 5G

Samsung Galaxy S20 & S20+ & S20 Ultra
I often use call recording and researched to make sure the S20 FE 5G could do that before buying. Never found anything that specifically said the FE did but all the other S20s apparently can.

My T-Mobile S20 FE 5G does not have the option. %&*#.

Can someone with an FE 5G unlocked version check to see if call recording is available? I’m thinking T-Mobile may have removed it from the generic version.

And if it is available in an unlocked, can I flash the unlocked version to my T-Mobile FE while its still carrier locked to T-Mobile for 24 months? I’ve been using unlocked phones exclusively in the past so won’t miss any lost T-Mobile extra features such as WiFi calling. Would hate to lose native voicemail but rather that than call recording.

I looked for an app, but its looking like recent Android changes makes then useless (no longer records other side of a conversation).


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