Call screen only works sometimes, otherwise answers and does nothing

Google Pixel 4 & Pixel 4 XL
Now call screen doesn’t work right. If I try to screen a call, half the time it answers and I see the text of it delivering the screening speech (normal). Other times, it just answers and does nothing. I see nothing where it is supposed to show the screening message text. The call has connected though.

I actually went ahead and reset my phone about a week ago. Just ran into more little glitches. I am glad I did because it all seems to operate smoother. It also gave me the opportunity to only install the apps I need. Anyway, seems a byproduct of this is inconsistent call screening.

I tried clearing the cache on the phone app. This will be tough to troubleshoot since it’s inconsistent.

Any ideas?

(if you’re keeping score, snapshot doesn’t work after the reset, but it does have the new item "+" now)


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