Can a link hack my phone by simply clicking and opening it?

I got a link from my friend on Facebook
I opened the link and it was a fake poor designed copy of Amazon with the name of "Amazon 30th anniversary celebration"
As soon as I saw the webpage I answered all 4 personal info related questions on the survey
With wrong and random answers
And then left after I got bored with the webpage

A few hours later the link is now known by almost everyone in my country to which I was surprised thinking I was the only one who got the link

What scares me is that everyone claims it hacks your phone and installs malware and steals all your sensitive data

It has been about 24 hours since this happened and nothing was installed nor any private account or data were hacked or stolen on my phone

But I am still not sure if I have been really hacked or not because I don’t know how infected links work

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