Can anyone help me understand this system ui/micro SD problem

At first i thought it was just my sd card dying but then i noticed that. It performs fine all day every day, that is untill approximately 2:30 am when i get a notification from system ui that says "cant write to sd card your sd card isnt working correctly and has been set to read only to prevent data loss. Backing up the data in your sd card is recommended." As i stated i didnt think anything odd untill i noticed that it only happens at about the same time everyday for about 2 weeks now. I have a galaxy a50 was TracFone but i had it unlocked and put it onto Verizon. I have removed apps that are not my regulars. I have usually been able to figure stuff like this out since the release of the s4 when i started to learn about Androids and what not. But this has me baffled
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