Can I disable side key setting?

Hi all

This is a long shot but hope some expert can help. I own a s20fe and I cracked the screen which also damaged the board that connects to the side keys for volume and on/off etc. The shop I took it to fitted a screen which works fine and managed to bypass something relating to the side buttons (I am not sure what or how) but it means that if it ever powers off I just connect a charger and that powers it back on. I have an app to operate the volume too so this fix works fine as it is too much money to buy a new phone.

The only downside is the phone keeps flickering to the power off screen quite regularly and the guy from the store says the only thing it may be is static build up in the bridge he made on the computer board that feeds off the power side keys and there is nothing he can really do.

I am just wondering if anyone has any suggestions to fix it? My only thought was was can you completely disable the side key setting? When you go into that menu it will not let you disable it completely, it asks you if you want it to work bixby or the power menu. I feel that if there is a way of getting rid of that option then it might stop flickering as it is not expecting a signal from that side key board?


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