can we talk about Visible?

Hi there,

VZW is promoting Visible ( I’m interested in it because I have horrible internet service in the country. We can’t get cable so all I have is my hotspot and that data gets used up fast and then I’m stuck with agonizingly slow (if any) service. It’ one of the reasons I’m phasing out my website business this year.

What do you folks know about Visible? It says on the website it’s powered by VZW and that there is not supposed to be any loss of speed so like having *real* internet. Also says that it’s $40 per month after the first month but I haven’t been able to find what the first month is. I have a phone on a purchase plan with VZW and not even 1/2 paid for yet. I wonder if they would switch that over if I go to Visible?

Any feedback is welcome, thank you.


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