Can You Break A Phone From Just Putting Weight On It?

Ok, weird question I know, but I recently got a new phone (Galaxy A52s) and moronically within the first week, I managed to sit on it while forgetting that I had it in my back pocket.

Now I’m really worried that I did something that might have damaged it or some of it’s internal components. From the looks of it the phone seems fine, and it looks like there are no cracks or anything, but I really want to know if putting sudden pressure on a phone like that can damage it in any way (even if it has Gorilla Glass), or if I’m maybe just worrying too much?

I really hope it’s the latter, since I always get this feeling of having new things in their mint condition for as much as possible, and taking care of them as much as possible because I fear that a dent or even a scratch would ruin it and make me feel bad for not knowing how to properly take care of my stuff 🙁

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