Can you live ONLY with your cell phone DATA plan?

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Times are tight these days and just thinking if you are forced to cancel your Home Internet, is you cell phone data plan enough to get you by for the month?

In Canada, it took a very long time for the Big Three (Bell, Rogers & Telus) to offer (un)limited data plans. I only got to try it for a few weeks until I switched & cancelled my account with Rogers. it was doable but no doubt it’s limited to browsing and light YouTube usage. I’m not sure how it is in the U.S.

I personally can live with my data, though it helps I have three accounts (business, personal and tablet plan) that gives me 30GB a month. Honestly, lately I’ve been streaming Amazon Prime, Crave, YouTube, etc. because of the pandemic, otherwise, I tend to download my purchases. I have a 256GB microSD along with the internal storage filled with Movies, TV Shows and Music.


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