Cannot xfer TXT msgs from iPhone 11 to Android phone. Need help.

Okay, I completely forgot abut this. I hadn’t thought of it until it was time to move my SIM card from the iPhone 11 Pro MAX to the Essential PH-1 I want to use. I want to transfer over the text messages and call logs.

Verizon no longer has an app to do this (that I can see).

My iTunes will NOT back up my phone because it wants to erase it. I was on the phone with Apple and they want to force me to wipe it. So iTunes is NOT an option. I tried. For hours. No-go.

In Googling around I keep getting websites that literally cause my PC’s malwarebytes to freak out. Too many scams.

Many apps want $40 or more from me, which is absurd. TONS of free trials, that only xfer a few messages (useless).

Can anyone provide an answer on this? It seems incredibly difficult and I am sure there must be a solution. I know that the Essential is an "old" phone, but mine is a new Ocean Depths (never before used) in perfect condition so I really want to use it and get rid of this massive iPhone with stupid face id.


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