Can’t detect my home wifi network without my SIM card(s)

Switched on my old Motorola G5s plus today, on the set up menu it was unable to detect my home network but was detecting other nearby wifi networks. When I put my SIM card in it suddenly detected my home network.

The first time this happened I had only done a factory reset through recovery mode WITHOUT wiping out personalized content. So I assumed that was the cause of this issue.

I then performed a full factory reset, wiping out all data and switched it on again, but it was still unable to detect my home network on the set up screen. I then skipped it and most of the set up and went straight to the main menu but it was still unable to detect my home Wifi. I then did a full reset of network configurations on my mobile but nothing happened. Inserted both of SIMs in and it started detecting my home network again.

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