Can’t find dark theme…

I can’t access the dark theme option in Gmail or the Google app. Everything I’ve read suggests it’s accessible via the system settings app in Android 10, or on a per app setting on pre Android 10 devices. With further research, I also discovered the dark theme option in Gmail has a tendency to disappear for some users, and I’ve followed the the steps outlined in various forums and blogs to get it back. The weird thing is I’ve never even seen a dark theme option in Gmail, I was led to believe it was only available in Android 10 until I did some digging a few weeks ago. Furthermore, I got a "new" phone recently and the first time I started Gmail, I checked the General settings and no Theme options.

I’m currently running Oreo and I have dark theme in the following Google apps:
–Play Store

No dark theme:

So what am I missing?

P.S. I’m asking this here because I’ve reported this problem to Google several times and no one has ever got back to me.

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