Can’t write to SD Card , became corrupted SD Card

Hi! I just bought this SD card online and after around 2 days a notification that says "Can’t write to SD card" appeared. Because of that I can’t delete or move files into the SD card. I tried formatting the SD card hoping that it would be fine but the notification still appears afterwards. I unmounted my SD card for a month and thought that it should rest and I inserted it just yesterday. I thought it would be fine now but the notification still appears. What do I do? I don’t want my money to be wasted just like that. btw, its a San Disk SD Card with 64 gb capacity and my phone is Samsung Galaxy A10s. pleasee helppp!

Update 13 min after: I turned off my phone, unmounted the SD card, and inserted it again. As I turned on my phone the SD card is now "not inserted" on My Files and I looked up to my settings and found that SD card is "corrupted" what do I do with this?

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