Carriers withholding updates on unlocked phones

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I have a Moto G6 unlocked on Cricket (so US-based). I understand Moto doesn’t have the best track record with updates to begin with. I am in the market for a new phone now and will likely change services as there are days where I do not get any reception in the basement anymore. This never used to be the case with the same phone in the same basement.

So my multi-layered question is this – What carrier, likely an MVNO since I have very low data needs, has the best track record of releasing OS updates, firmware/device patches, and security patches to unlocked devices? As the second layer to this, which ones offer wifi calling for unlocked devices as well?

I am currently on the $30/month Cricket plan. My wife will more than likely join me some place in May after her employer stopped their reimbursement program mid-contract. So that is something else for me to consider is if there is a 2-person pricing discount. My wife is a big time iPhone fan so I don’t think she should be impacted by any carrier at this point. I don’t know if all ATT-based MVNOs would be nixed if they allowed wifi calling on my next device – either a Nokia 6.3 or a Pixel 4a, if I splurge. We have a mesh home network and the basement has full wifi strength all over.

Thank you 3,000!


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