Case and screen protector for S21+

I impulsively bought a S21+ last week, and I need to get a case and screen protector pronto. My previous phone is the ancient Note 5, and I got great advice here when I was choosing accessories in 2015 — I bought an Evutec Karbon case and a Spigen glass protector that have held up all these years.

I’ve been reading info on this site and elsewhere, and it looks like I have to choose between a glass protector or a film protector. I’ve always used glass. (I have the Spigen Steinheil Screen Protector Ultra Crystal on my Note 5, and it still looks perfect.) What are the pros and cons of glass versus film? Any info/suggestions would be great.

I love my Evutec Karbon case, but unfortunately Evutec doesn’t make that type of case for the S21+. I like how sturdy that case is (I’ve dropped my phone a few times and had no damage) and I REALLY like how grippy it is. I don’t want a hard case or anything that’s slippery. I want something more rubbery. I’ve read through the "best of" pages on this site, but I’m not finding a lot of info relating to slipperiness. I’d really appreciate suggestions, especially from users that have cases similar to the Evutec Karbon. I don’t need a pretty case, I’m more concerned about protection.

I’ll probably need to buy something online — I didn’t realize how new the S21 phones are, and I’m not finding much of a selection of accessories at my local Best Buy, Verizon store, etc. I only saw one grippy case at Best Buy, and it was mostly grippy on the edges, not the back. It was okay (hubster bought one for his new S21), but I’m hoping to find something better if I’m gonna spend $40.


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