Changing country and SIM

We moved to Italy a year ago but I still have my UK mobile with a UK contract SIM.

That contract ends shortly and I was planning to cancel it, replacing the SIM in the mobile with an Italian one. The cost of equivalent plans in Italy is about a third of what they cost in the UK.

I have the phone set up perfectly with all updates disabled so it’s locked to Andoid 7 and everything works. I don’t want to reset it and lose all of the settings. If I just swap the SIM cards and change the phone’s region to Italy is there anything that’s likely to go horribly wrong?

The Play Store will change region. I can speak Italian so the change of language is no problem. However..

Will all the installed apps still work even if they’re not available in Italy? I have a VOIP app that works with a UK number which I need to keep, a banking app and so forth.

Or, is this likely to be a disaster and what I should do is get a PAYG UK SIM, put it in this phone, and then buy another phone for Italy?

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