Changing Win10’s default view to details with s9

How the heck do I change the default view in Windows 10 to use details instead of tiles when viewing my Samsung Galaxy S9’s file system as if it were a flash drive via USB?
The "Customize this folder" doesn’t appear when right clicking to set the standard view I want, and the "apply to folders" is dimmed if I goto options->view tab->apply to folders after manually setting the view how I want it.
I often want to see the date modified field- which gets removed every time I navigate to a new folder-when syncing my fanfic library with the copy stored on my phone so I can do an incremental backup instead of a full one (which takes hours due to tens of thousands of small chapter files, while an incremental of just the new stuff can take only a few minutes, but I have to check every folder).

Sorry if this is more of a Windows question, but it only happens with my S9, not my Kindle, CD-ROMs, DVD-ROMs, or flash drives (either thumb drives or SD cards).

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