Chaotic Migration from S10+ to S21 Ultra

When I last upgraded to the S10+ I recall it was a smooth process where all my messages, apps, home screen, etc. just restored after signing in to my google account.

This time I was given the AT&T option which I skipped, then I was presented with the Samsung Sync option. I decided to try that. After a couple hours it completed but I still don’t see any apps that have reinstalled or messages.

Samsung cloud then wanted to migrate to OneDrive. That had me worried it was going to duplicate everything but so far is seems to have just dumped in a large number of screen shots and downloads (which may be duplicated), all with today’s date.

So far I seem to have my call log and photos restored but nothing else.

I see restore options now under Samsung Cloud but they are all dated from a few weeks ago.

Should I just wait this out longer and will things show up? I normally just start clean but the last time went so smooth I just expected the same.

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