Charging Lenovo legion via audio adapter.

Hi All,

I have recently bought a USB headphone/charge adapter to use with my Lenovo Legion Duel.. You know the type (I hope) there are kinda "T" shaped. Plug it into the USB C socket – one side has a 3.5mm headphone socket and the other has a USB C socket to allow charging at the the same time … except it does not. The headphone bit works fine but when I plug in a USB C cable it does not charge. I swapped cables/sockets/orientations – always the same. Ah well – the adapter did not cost much so I thought it must just be broken and got another one. Except this one behaves exactly the same.

I did a bit of digging in the setting menu and thought maybe something in the "USB controlled by" but all those options are greyed out. I did have a search for "Charge" but none of the results seemed to help.

So – anyone got any ideas? Is it just not possible to charge via an adapter? This seems odd as they work on many other phones…

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