Check Charger/USB moisture. Note10+

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I have been living with this issue for about 2 months now and am tired of not being able to use my phone to fly my drone.

Phone is less then 1 year old, purchased at best buy. No insurance but still under warrenty.

I brought my phone into the local Samsung repair center (youbreakifix). Guy was super cool. He checked everything out and said there was absolutely no signs of ANY water damage. He even called Samsung to talk to them about warrenty repair. When he got off the phone, he walked outside with me to explain that there is a known motherboard issue with these phones and it could very well be a faulty phone. If it was a motherboard issue, I would receive a replacement phone. They could try to replace the USB at the shop but they can’t do the motherboard work. So my next step was to call Samsung and try to get them to swap my phone or at the very least have them pay for the USB swap.

After over an hour of total bs run around with Samsung customer service. It seems my only option is to send my phone in to them. So now my choices are to pay for a new USB port locally and hope it fixes the issue. Or purchase a secondary phone to get me through until Samsung repairs/replaces mine.

So I guess my question is, does anyone have any other ideas. Also is Samsungs customer service known to be horrible?


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