Choppy, stuttery 5.1 sound issue when using chromecast with tv through receiver

I have a Chromecast with tv device. I have this device plugged into the back of my avr into one of the input slots (have troubleshot with all of them). I then have the tv connected to the avr using the arc connection. When using any of the streaming apps (seems worse on Netflix) for video and 5.1 audio output, there is an absolutely awful choppy constant stuttering with the audio thats even worse on s and f-words. It goes away with two channel, but that defeats the whole purpose of 5.1. This has seem to become more and more prominent. I tried my second Chromecast with tv device (bought more recently) and have the exact same issue. To rule out my tv and avr, I tried the streaming apps on my old PS3 with the same setup and, what do you know, the sound is perfect.
My avr is a Marantz SR6006. Has anyone had this issue, or can anyone tell me why it may be happening specifically with Chromecast. I can’t believe I am the only one.

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