Chrome browser keeps minimizing after each download


Brand new member of the site; I registered with the hopes of finally the answer to a problem I’m experiencing lately with my Android phone…

Specifically, I have a Huawei Mate SE smartphone, running Android v. 8.0.0.

I’ve owned the phone for several years, but just over the last week or so, I’ve been experiencing a problem where any picture that I download from online (i.e. via my Chrome browser), the browser spontaneously minimizes. Chrome doesn’t necessarily close; I can still find it among my open app windows. But it’s as if the browser has to take a moment or two to “reset” …which I’m finding increasingly annoying.

Does this ring any bells to anyone? Does it sound like a cache issue that can be resolved by clearing? (If so, instructions on how to do so would be most appreciated.) …Or possibly by uninstalling and reinstalling the Chrome app. Either way, are any of these measures likely to cause me to lose my Bookmarks; History; Open tabs …or ‘All of the above’?

Would not exactly be the end of the world, per se, but it’s a scenario I’d like to avoid if I like to avoid, if anyone has any better suggestions, before I go poking around on my own.


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