Chrome crashed and wont update

So apparently chrome is screwing with me again. So back a few months ago I was having errors with it and Android System Webview being unable to update manually, so I had to unistall updates first before I can update normally, but I stopped having to need to do that after awhile.

But this morning I’m encountering a similar problem again, arguably worse. Chrome crashed on me while I was browsing FB there and after it did, I couldn’t go back in(it just kept exiting as soon as I tapped), and I couldn’t update the app either. I restarted and can use Chrome again, but when I tried to update it this time, it wasn’t even showing the loading icon, it would literally just go back to when before I tapped on update. So I tried unistalling updates first for Chrome and ASWV, but this time that doesn’t fix the problem. Anyone know how I might fix this?

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