Chromecast w/Google TV only some apps connect to Wifi after password change

Okay so our Chromecast was working fine, but we changed our password on the Router and now only some apps on our Chromecast with Google TV.

Yes we updated the password on the Chromecast. Some apps like Hulu, Netflix and YouTube work perfectly fine. But others like Amazon Prime and peacock have a slow connection. The menu s are slow and the video never plays.

Still others like Pluto, HBO Max and Disney plus give me error messages. I’ve tried rebooting my router, clearing the cache and data of all the apps. Deleting the apps. Rebooting and reinstalling the apps. I’ve even Factory reset the Chromecast.

Still having the same issues. The most confusing part is that some apps work perfectly fine. 🤷🏽

Any ideas. Has anyone had this issue?

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