Cleared Data in Media Storage app and things got all screwed up

At last glance this issue seems to spread between Facebook, Instagram, Discord, Twitter

So I notice several major apps on my Samsung Galaxy S8 that there "Media Pickers", the popups when people want to post image don’t sort images properly. Take for example, moving an image folder from one subfolder to another these apps will regard these images, regardless of when they were actually created as most recent and so these images will appear at the top of image selections.

Recently I copied some images wirelessly from my computer into a folder on my phone, these images were created 3-4 years ago and despite my Gallery app (Simple Gallery Pro) recognizing the correct order, the apps I mentioned previously didn’t.

Frustrated I figured what was needed was my image gallery to be rescanned, and I will agree that on impulse cleared the data of the Media Storage app and restarted my phone. Opening up the apps I mentioned earlier, the images I copied weren’t on the top anymore but instead the order of the images looked completely jumbled up.

Looking through Facebook’s Image Picker in particular, I scrolled down and noticed that every image had today’s date despite them having no Metadata whatsoever for today’s date, the same issue also applied to Twitter, Instagram and Discord.

Funny enough two apps still sort my images properly, that’s Reddit and even more bizarre, Facebook Messenger.

I probably shouldn’t have cleared the data on Media Storage but its just frustrating that my images just weren’t sorting properly

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