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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 & Note 20 Ultra
Has anyone else had this issue with the note 20 ultra? I’ve gone through 2 phones so far under warranty, going on my third.
I was enjoying everything on the phone until my first software update. And once the update was installed, that first phone never worked again. It seems to burn up the sim card somehow. At first we were using the older 4G sim, the 5G wasn’t in the store yet.

Anyway what we did in the store was to program the Sim, then put it in the T-Mobile reps phone to test it out. it worked fine. Then we put it in my phone, it still said had stopped working. so we put the sim back in his phone, and the sim would not work in his phone anymore. We looked online for anyone else with the same issue, and we found a similar issue on a note 10, but that was it. We tried all of the steps we read about for that Note 10 fix, clear the phone cache and the data. Finally we factory reset the phone, it didn’t work. we burned up 3 sims on this stop at the T-Mobile store in San Bernardino.
So we ordered a new phone under warranty and I received the phone in a few days.

I went to the T-Mobile store in San Diego, they had the new 5G sim cards now, so we used one of them. This should eliminate the 4G sim card question.
I restored everything, I was back to normal. I had my phone back and it worked.
Then that night I received a pop up notice saying that the phone wanted to do an update. I was like nooooo way! I said no. It told me i could delay 2 more times and that was it. So on the 3rd day with my working phone T-Mobile forced an update to me. After the reboot, guess what… there it is again… had stopped working

So i call T-Mobile, i have hours on the phone with these guys. Anyway they do a 3 way call with Samsung. Samsung says its a known issue, so i would have to take it to a Samsung repair center and get the phone flashed with the latest software. Luckily for me I went to the repair store as soon as the store opened, and within 3 hours my phone had the new software i i picked it up. The phone worked but i had to restore it yet, so I spent the rest of the day restoring, logging the apps in, you know the drill. It was hours. The phone worked great, no issues.
Then, i went to sleep
When i woke up I turned the phone on. Guess what had stopped working

Am I the only one on the planet that had the problem with 2 phones? Samsung is aware of the issue, the repair center read about it, but I cant find anyone else online that had this issue.

Luckily I bought it at Costco, they give you 90 days to return, and its only been just over a month.
Im returning this one and getting one last note 20. Last try.

Has anyone else had or heard of this on the Note 20 Ultra?


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